Technical difficulties have subsided and we’ve returned with a show bursting at the seams with one of the best thrash bands ever, Overkill. We reviewed their latest album, White Devil Armory and played an all Overkill playlist beforehand if you listened live. Our Pick of the Week came from psychedelic doomers Wo Fat and their album The Conjuring. Slipknot teasers, Ride the Lightning turned 30 and a bunch more metal on this week’s Metal or GTFO! podcast.

We’re back again from another unscheduled hiatus! Stuff happens etc., etc. but we have a great show for you this week to make up for everything. We discuss the multitude of concerts coming to our corner of the map these next few months, Play our Pick of the Week by Trap Them and as review the latest from Origin. Anthrax vinyl, Mastodon and Sony sign a junior high school band all on this week’s Metal or GTFO! podcast.

Not able to listen live to the pre-show on Spreaker? Then you missed out on on some primo tunes. We were able to track down most of the songs on Spotify. This week’s selection includes Dimmu Borgir, Cattle Decapitation, Aborted and more. You can find Overcast and Exodus by following the links.

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Metal or GTFO! Ep 52: We’re Back so GTFO!
We have returned from our extended sequester and are back to bring you the podcast you've so sorely missed! Perhaps not, but we are back and their is a podcast, so I'm sort of correct. This week's show consists of Lumbersquatch and myself cathing up on the stories we've missed since our absence. Like the new track from Slayer, Dave Brockie, Exodus swapping front men and a bunch more. We also play a track from [more]
Tour the World With BABYMETAL
Like 'em or not, BABYMETAL are here to stay. Or at least until they get to old to fit into those schoolgirl outfits. Wait, is that even possible? Back on track. The J-Pop infused metal starlets are promoting their upcoming Summer World Tour. Stop offs include France, Germany as well as the Sonisphere Festival in the UK. US dates? Nada. I guess we're not part of the world just yet. Watch the clip below, which [more]
Entombed Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set Unboxed
If you weren't able to get your hands on the limited edition, full dynamic range boxed set of Entombed vinyl, don't worry. They were limited to a scant 100 units, so they came and went quite fast. But if your the masochistic type, you may enjoy the unboxing video below. The clip shows all four LP's including the clear vinyl, jackets and inserts opened and fondled before your very eyes. There are still some copies [more]
Kyng has released a rather quaint video for the track "Electric Halo," from their latest album Burn the Serum. It revolves around a snake oil salesman type evangelist who gets his come-upins from what appears to be a real deal seraph. Cool concept and also well shot. Check out our review of Burn the Serum on the latest podcast. Psssst, we liked it! The album is on sale everywhere right now. Grab a copy from [more]